Friday, 11 March 2016

Batch #1 Ready To Go!

For all that have been asking me about Bee Balm since I posted on Facebook the other day, some good news: Batch #1 is finished! 173 Mint balms are hot off the press and ready for lift-off.

The next batch will be an "Original Balm" batch (no mint essential oil), so if scents aren't your thing, it will be ready at some point next week. It's worth the wait...I promise! 100% of the sales we make are going straight back to making the bees healthier and stronger for this season.

One more thing: If you scroll to the bottom of our Web Page, I've set up a "Donate" button that takes you to the Canadian Honey Council's "Save Our Bees" page. All of the proceeds get dumped back into the Canadian Bee Research Fund. Declining bee populations are no joke and can't be ignored any longer!

Thanks again for your support,
Melissa & Richard